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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  January 13, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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good eving i'm julie haerpb. >> and i'm frank somerville. within the past 20 minutes, ross mirkarimi left his office with his wife to turn himself in. but the charge will mean he will have to stay away from her and their young son at least for the time being. david stevenson is joining us now from outside of city hall. >> reporter: this story broke just over a week ago. and the charges have totally completely eclipsed sheriff mirkarimi in that office. george gascon announced domestic violence charges against mirkarimi for a new years incident where he grabbed his wife's arm hard enough to leave a bruce. the charges are domestic violence, child endangerment and dissuading a witness. the judge also issued a
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protective order which means for now sheriff mirkarimi will not be able to live with his wife and their son. >> the emergency protection order in this particular case will prohibit mr. mirkarimi from going back to his home. >> reporter: that protective order could be lifted if another judge agrees there's no threat of violence. the d.a. also confirmed they are investigating other possible incidents of violence involving mirkarimi. just a few hours ago, mirkarimi and wife spoke about the charges he faces. >> we believe these charges are very unfounded. and we will fight these charges. and i'm confident that in the end we will succeed in showing the missteps. >> this is -- i want to say that this is unbelievable. how i said before i don't have
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any complaint against my husband. we are together and we are fighting. we are going to fight this. this is my son, my husband and my son. this is unbelievable, this is completely wrong. >> reporter: after speaking to the press, sheriff mirkari mi was said to have been driven to the city jail for fingerprinting at his own jail. a tentative arraignment date has been set for tuesday of next week. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. ross mirkarimi previously served seven years as one of
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san francisco's most liberal supervisor. in 2010 he registered as a democrat. if convicted mirkarimi will have to give up his weapon. making him the first sheriff to be prohibited from carrying a weapon. interstate 880 in san jose reopened in the last 40 minutes after a car fire caused a big traffic back up. the accident happened shortly after 4:00 this afternoon in the northbound lanes just south of the montegue expressway. those flames engulfed a sedan. there's no word yet if anyone was injured in that fire. at one point authorities shut down all northbound lanes. but all of those e-mails have
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reopened. ktvu has received dozens of e-mails on the handling of the occupy oakland encampment. >> reporter: these are all of the e-mails the city of oakland would release to us from early october into november. there's ago hullly no mention of the incident. but the e-mails do raise questions about how the city handled reclearing of occupy oakland. >> reporter: in a message written october 13th a sergeant said he had been confronted by protesters camping at frank ogawa plaza and that one implied they would remove officers by force if they
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entered the camp without permission. five days later, deputy chief israel said we can either wait for a riot or order them to seize their anytime time occupation. soon after these images began making national and international news, a washington, d.c. crisis manager asked for oakland to apologize. at almost the same time, chief jordan received this e-mail from the mother of an oakland officer detailing how her caughter was bombarded with bottles of feces and urine. when chief jordan received an update that crime was down 19% in the last week of october he wrote this e-mail to one of mayor quan.
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not sure how you want to share this good news. >> reporter: despite that last e-mail. the city and police has said that -- we did not find a single one written by mayor quan herself. her office tells me she prefers face to face communication. live in the newsroom, eric rasmussen. and our website has complete coverage of the occupy protest including more details about the disciplinary action for two oakland police officers during a demonstration in oakland. the man accused of rape was arranged today. prosecutors say if he's convicted on all of them dozier faces life in prison. dozier is scheduled to return to court february 23rd. today we learned that a high school teacher accused of sexual assault may have several
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victims. craig chandler was arranged this afternoon on two counts of lewd act on a child. chandler thought at waley elementary school in san jose. it was reported that chandler assaulted one child but today prosecutors said there were multiple victims. prosecutors say the children are all younger than 14. a violent attack on two women during a home invasion is raising fears among neighbors in san francisco's sunset district tonight. ktvu's allie rasmus has what investigators are saying about the case. >> reporter: i spoke to families of the women and said both of women attacked yesterday afternoon are in the hospital and receiving care. investigators spent all day at the scene of the attacks. both properties are owned by a
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family of one of the victims. >> they are nice people. >> reporter: that's how neighbored describe the 76-year- old woman who lives in this sunset district house. last night around 9:30 a man armed with a hammer and knife barged into the home of rose chung. >> somebody came into her residence and robbed her. the second victim was delivering food to the victim and she became a victim also. >> reporter: a 56-year-old woman was able to make it back to the ice house restaurant and call for help. it was closed today as workers scrubbed the blood from the floors and table. chung's sister says that her family was called by ed lee. >> she is very cheerful. she goes into the restaurants every day. she's a great asset for the community. >> we would hate to think that she was targeted specifically but she does have we believe now a pattern that she does
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every day. >> reporter: neighbors wondered if chung's successful businesses made her a target. >> i think many people know that she owns the restaurant and they only take cash. >> reporter: other businesses have been threatened by gangs before. >> this one here in the corner, when she first opened this business, a gang tried to get her to pay up money other wise they would -- she had a few rocks thrown to her windows and had to put new windows in it. >> reporter: police are still looking for the suspect. he is described as an asian male who spoke cantanees. anyone with information is asked to call san francisco police a call. play off fever is sweeping the bay area as the 49ers get ready to take on the new orleans saints tomorrow. ktvu's john sasaki live at candle stick park with a look at how the big game is fueling team spirit. >> frank, tomorrow morning this
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parking lot will be jam packed with 49er fans wearing their team colors like this. and there'll be among more than 1 million people in the bay area cheering for the home team. >> reporter: in fisherman's wharf today we saw more saints fans than 49ers fan. >> enjoying the food, enjoying the company. hospitality has been great. everybody has been nice to us. >> reporter: a niner fan came up and added his two cents. >> alden smith is going to rip all over this number here. >> i don't remember him. >> breas will get to know him. >> alden smith is a 49er linebacker who set the rookie record for sacks at 19. and brees will be smith's target. a gallery is selling 49er inspired shorts. >> this is made by one of our
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artists. we like to support local artists. >> this weekend is all about team pride. for that we two back to fisherman's wharf. >> our defense is going to pounce. alden smith is going to be all over. justin smith is going to be all over. and alex smith is going to handle what we have to do. let's get us a victory. >> great after having season tickets for eight years, great to come home and watch the niners beat 100%. go niners. >> reporter: i'm john sasaki. stay with ktvu for complete coverage of tomorrow's play off game. our coverage begins at 11:30 with a special one hour return to glory special. state regulators today suggested a new less expensive plan for customer who is want to opt out of the pg & e smart meters. the program would allow
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customers to use an analog meter for an initial fee of $90 and monthly fee of $15. that's a lot less than the current pg & e fees. this computer system at san francisco city college has been compromised. what security experts found when they traced a virus back to a foreign country. back here in 10 minutes, we're going to take a look at your forecast for the week edge. which day - - your forecast for the weekend. which day will be the warmest.
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the upper deck of the bay bridge heading into san francisco will be closed president's day weekend in february. caltrans crews need to install a detour at the end of the
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bridge near the end of the bay bridge plaza. san francisco police and city officials visited residents and merchants in the sunset district today warning them to take extra safety precautions as the lunar new year celebrations get under way. >> try not to keep too much valuables in your home. deposit your money in your bank if you are a business, there are often times there's a lot of money that gets exchanged during the course of day. please make sure you are going to deposit the money. authorities are also asking residents to report any suspicious behavior. the lunar new year begins on january 23rd. a computer virus has been uncovered at city college of san francisco and it has roots over seas. ktvu's rob roth is live now in san francisco with the international connections investigators are finding as they dig deeper. rob-- >> reporter: julie, security specialists are now going through the entire computer system here at city college they want to see just how widespread the viruses are and
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what information may have been compromised. city college officials say viruses have been detected in this computer lab primarily used by international students and that data from here has been traced to websites in foreign countries. >> some of the data was being improperly transmitted to china and russia and a couple other countries. >> reporter: the computers are supposed to be used for school assignments but students tell us they use campus computers for personal business too. >> you're checking how much money you have in your funds. you're going to pay for your schooling, you're just checking what you have. >> we have no knowledge that somebody has stolen somebody's identity. we don't have a case of that. but systems as large as this with a lot of students it's always possible. >> reporter: the problem was first discovered over thanksgiving weekend. an outside security firm has been called in to analyze the entire computer system. they suspect the program began back in 1999 but has increased
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dramatically the last few months. all this has students, staff and teachers worried and upset. >> could they move into our retirement funds? i don't know. but it's, it's threatening. >> i come here almost every day and i want to feel like you know that my information is safe here. >> we're going to put into place a new set of policies. >> reporter: the international computer lab is shut down until further notice. now the school is sending out e- mails to students and staff about the security breech and the fbi has been notified. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a san francisco software maker has filed for $125 million initial public offering. splunk makes software that helps companies collect and analyze data. while the company has yesterday to make a profit, revenue did grow to $56.2 million.
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the company reported a loss last year. technology firms are joining forces to help shape san francisco business policy. >> we're not waiting around in san francisco. we're going to create our own culture, create our own obligations, create and support an industry that wants to support us. >> 85 high tech firms are teaming up with silican valley investor ron conway. the group is called initiative for technology and initiative or sf city. it's expected to give advise and lend it services for city internet problems. bay area weekend is here. a beautiful evening tonight. the sun as it lowers on the horizon shows very few clouds if any. tomorrow is the warmest day on your bay area weekend. these were the highs from today. tomorrow's highs will mimic these. a few clouds in the atmosphere but not that cloudy. sunday the clouds start to increase. that's going to trend these temperatures downward. you're going to see mostly 50s and low 60s sunday.
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and maybe some drizzle on sunday night. that all marks a big change. or it should mark a big change in our upcoming weather next week. in the meantime your weekend is here. it's going to be dry for sure. sunday morning, a little bit of cloud cover and not as cold. because of the clouds, so tomorrow night is very cold. in 20s in the coldest spots. it's freezing in frost conditions. as you get into sunday, the overnight lows will be in the 30s, upper 30s. as we head into next week, cooler and wet weather pattern is what we're hoping for. looks like that's going to happen to some degree. forecast overnight lows. you can see that high pressure just owning the area for saturday. sunday this system drops down, very weak. but it's a key part in this whole wet weather potential pattern in that as it comes down it's going to nudge that high pressure far enough south, that the next system is going to have a shot at it and the one behind that is going to have a shot at us and that's how we hope it goes. whites are 20s, so another cold
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morning saturday morning. not as cold sunday morning. as we go through the days. greens represent 60s. you see lots of 60s. you may pop a 70. forecast high for your friday warmest day on the weekend. 62 in fairfield. 62 in brentwood. enjoy it. enjoy sunday too and monday. i hope you have that out. saturday will be the nicest day on the weekend. as we head into your bay area next week, it looks as though by wednesday, thursday, friday we'll start to talk about shower activity and unsettled weather. there it is on the five day forecast with your weekend in view and rain would be a much, it'll be a nice thing and snow in the mountains as well. enjoy the next few days. weather looks outstanding for the 49er game. coming up on bay area news on tv 36. a south bay couple instantly becomes millionaires several times over. and find out how soon apple may
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release its next generation i pad and what it may offer that earlier generations do not. a nevado man says he wouldn't miss this weekend's game for the world. the record he has as the 49ers head into the play off game against the saints. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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one of the 49ers biggest fans will be at candle stick tomorrow cheering on his favorite team against the saints. he has attended more consecutive fans than any other fan. last month hurley almost missed his first game when doctors told him he needed a pacemaker. hurley told doctors he would rather die than miss a 49ers game. >> the doctors said don't wave your arms a lot, don't scream a lot, don't jump up and down. >> reporter: hurley says he will be on his seat tomorrow to cheer on his niners. >> and he and his wife are supposed to be on a cruise right now. they cancelled the cruise so he
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could attend the game. >> true devotion. to me the 49ers biggest advantage jim harbaugh. everybody credits the coach for resurrecting the team. he hired coaches and trusted them to do their job. maybe he's not as dynamic as say tim tebow. but this is a college coach who made a smooth transition into the nfl. >> energy, intense, great guy. when he steps in this locker room he is almost as if he's a player. he's still a player. he's joking around a lot. he's just always playing around. but when we step on that field he's about business. he's about business but he is still a good guy. >> i can't say enough about the guy. he's a great person. better coach and so excited to have him on our sideline. >> reporter: another popular head coach will take over next season in st. louis.
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jeff fisher. fisher took a one year sabbatical after spending seven seasons at nfc. fisher took tennessee to the super bowl in 2000. all shovels on deck. fans were paid $20 today to clean out the snow at lambeau field. packers host new york sunday in the other nfc divisional game. no such issues for tomorrow's issues at the stick. 19 hours till kick off. here we go. >> 19 and counting. >> fred, thank you. ktvu viewers are filling our ktvu page with photos of team loyalty. liz delvalle posted this picture of her sons and
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children with 49er gear. >> and wendy shah posted this picture with the post, daddy and daughter faithful. stay with us after the game for the point after. and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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